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November 5, 2021by admin0

AJ Textile Mills Limited has taken the initiative for expansions/ BMR in Spinning units and investment in renewable energy projects with its financing partners Bank Alfalah Limited, Habib Bank Limited, Samba Bank Limited and Meezan Bank Limited. It will benefit the group by improving its profits through improvement in quality, enhancement in production capacity, reduction in power cost per unit through modernization of plant and machinery and installation of solar power generation systems which will result in substantial reduction in the electric bill.
BMR and Expansion for Mill-I
In Mill 1 which is based on synthetic yarns we have installed state of art LMW ring frames along with Link cone winder and will lead to cementing its position as cost and quality leader in its market segment. The project is expected to be completed in November, 2021.
BMR and Expansion for Mill-II
In Mill 2 we have completed the installation of latest LMW ring frames replacing previously installed EJM-168 frames and further enhancing capacity by 8000 spindles. This is coupled with the installation of additional back process machines, including, Trutzschler cards, Reiter Combers and Marzoli Simplex machines. This expansion/ BMR will help to increase efficiencies and reduce labour and electric costs.
BMR and Expansion for Mill-III
Another project has been completed at Mill-III by installing four latest Murata Vortex Spinning (MVS) frames. The Company is expected to benefit through doubling its production capacity and improving per unit labor cost. The project commenced in September, 2020 and the production commenced in record time in April 2021.
Installation of Solar Power System
AJ Textile Mills Limited has undertaken a substantial increase in its solar power capacity at its Industrial facility in Gadoon. The solar panels and equipment are being imported from Singapore and China while the installation agreement has been executed with M/s Orient Energy Systems (Pvt) Limited which has successfully completed the power projects of 3,000 MW with 3,500 customers.
This will further improve the power mix of the company and shall result in significant reduction in power costs. The project will help to preserve the environment by reducing the tons of carbon emission per annum and is expected to be completed by March 2022.
Further expansion and BMR have been planned for the year 2022 with an objective of further enhancing competitiveness. This planned expansion will enhance the production capacity by 20% from the existing capacity in Mill 1.



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