Uninterrupted Power Supply

A.J Textile has 4.2 MW HFO based Energy alternate for uninterrupted power supply .

Waste-Heat Recovery

Sustainability has always been a heart-centered vision at the  Aziz Group, we are constantly improving our processes and have already set a course to reduce our energy consumption. To achieve this goal, we aim to reduce energy cost, implementation of Recycling concept and reduction of carbon emissions to save environment,  for this we’re  also saving more energy using waste-heat recovery, we are using 1.6 tones per  hr. currently  , and our target is 3.5 Tons per Hr.

Murat Vortex Unit

A.J Textile has 8 latest MVS Machines specialized for Manmade fibers ,Technical Development, Higher Spinning Speed, Variety of Count Range & Materials.

VORTEX® is quality yarn with high function and fashion applicability, created by VORTEX® spinning technology.

Latest Draw frame RSB D 26 (Switzerland)

We have RSB D 26 Draw Frame for Outstanding sliver quality, Highest productivity & Very energy-efficient.

ECO PULSARS E, Savio (Italy)

A.J Textile winding yarn on ECO PULSARS E,  with Savio Automatic bobbin feeding and doffing (Stand-alone system), with Energy efficiency and sustainable eco-green advantages

Xorella, FONG’S (Germany)

A.J Textile Mills Ltd has XO-Series Vacuum conditioning and Heat Setting Machine for speedy process , energy saving along with lot of ecological advantages.

Sustainability | Eco Friendly Green Energy |1MW SOLAR POWER

A.J Textile  is also making advances in energy conservation and the use of renewables. Learning from the best practices around the world A.J Textile doing sustainable development  with the induction of energy sources from renewable resources. Currently we are fulfilling 15 % our requirement of Electricity from Solar Power.


In PAKISTAN A.J Textile has largest ring frame of Toyota Compact, LMW with 1824 spindles, with Linkconer and auto doffing with latest Savio Pulsar Auto Cone

TC 19i Truetzschler Card.( Germany)

We have the first intelligent card TC 19i to reduce imperfections ,waste and get  more productivity for good quality yarn.

Comber E 90, Reiter’s (Switzerland)

A.J Textile has latest Comber E 90, from Reiter  which has High flexibility in terms of raw material utilization, Lowest conversion cost per kilogram of combed sliver and Secured, consistent sliver quality insurance for good quality combed yarn.


We have 8 TFO Machines for Cotton, Man Made and Zero Twist Yarn with 80 s PVA, with knotless, Splice less yarn length in various package sizes.

Compliance & Certifications

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