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Aziz Group sustainability approach  is based on 4 P’s i.e. People, Process , Planet and Prosperity. Environment-Friendly Policies, Social Welfare Initiatives & Stable Economic Growth are our core values to manage a sustainable business.

Sustainability | Health, Safety & Well-Being:

Aziz Group believe that people are the most fundamental aspect of our business. Employees’ contribution has been paramount in our success and growth since inception. We are committed to making Aziz Group, a healthy and safe workplace for all our employees by continuously improving every aspect of our organization that affects them – from access to WHO standards clean drinking water to capacity building, safety trainings, minimum wage and child labor.

Sustainability | Energy Management

This earth is the only home we have ever known, there is no other place for mankind to go and sustain life. It is imperative that we humans, realize the significance of mending our ways to protect this planet and do everything to go green. We need to be considerate of the limited resources we have and how we are consuming them. Sustainability has always been a heart-centered vision at the Aziz Group. To achieve this goal, we aim to slash our consumption of electricity, steam, and natural gas, by rigorously analyzing our consumption patterns, educating employees for smart economical energy usage, investing in the latest technology, and process re-engineering for better energy management, and sustainable approach to energy usage . We all need to gear up today for a better, safe, and healthy tomorrow. Currently we are fulfilling 15 % our requirement of Electricity from Solar Power.

Sustainability | Materials & Technology

At Aziz Group, we are committed to a “Responsible Production” and we approach our product development in a manner that makes use of sustainable materials progressively, whether natural alternatives or recycled, as a mandatory part of the process. Under our Sustainability approach , we have vowed to improve the use of sustainably grown and recycled material to progress towards a 100% circular economy. We are making sure that we constantly invest and deploy technology that is more efficient and enables smarter use of resources to reduce environmental impact. We have developed a reliable supply chain and comprehensive measures to deliver more sustainable yarns. Our Mill is certified with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for organic content in our yarn and Global Recycle Standard (GRS) for all the synthetic & natural  recycled fibers used in the form of PIW, PCW etc in our yarn. We are also using BCI cotton in our yarns as well as regenerated fibers to reduce the environmental problem associated with landfill.